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The Best Growing Up Supplement
05 May 2017

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24 November 2016
Morinaga available in Setapak
08 November 2016
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13 September 2016
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09 August 2016
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12 July 2016
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07 June 2016
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04 May 2016
Morinaga Chil-Kid 获评最佳营养奶粉
04 April 2016
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24 March 2016
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02 February 2016
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28 January 2016
01 November 2015


健康的肠道确保宝宝能够充分吸收养分。想要让宝宝拥有健康的肠道,那么就要保持均衡的饮食,其中给宝宝饮用添加益生元的奶粉,能够促进肠道健康及舒缓便秘问题。均衡营养宝宝健康成长。Morinaga Chil-kid儿童成长配方奶粉富含DHA(二十二碳六烯酸)、ARA(花生四烯酸)、GOS (益生元)及5种均衡的核苷酸,特别为一岁以上的儿童提供最理想的营养素。

Let Children be Children
01 June 2015

One of the outstanding factors of modern living is that everything is fast-paced and we have to keep up with the speed of everyday life or fall behind. In many households, even in those with young children, there is hardly even time to spend in the kitchen to cook for the family, especially on a daily basis. Still, it's no excuse to compromise on the health of one's family, especially the growing children, whose health needs are crucial because their bodies and mind are still developing. Understandably, it's no easy task to see to a young child's nutritional intake. Adults are somehow capable in ensuring that they consume whatever's necessary to keep in good health, where else kids cannot be left to take care of themselves. There are bound to be nutritional gaps as a result of time-constraints on the part of parents too, or even picky eating by the kids themselves. One of the most convenient ways to meet the daily requirements of growing bodies is by supplementing their diets through a glass or two of trusted, high quality milk.

Morinaga, a brand dedicated to help contribute to the health of people worldwide has over 100 years of history to its name. It comes as no surprise that Chil-kid from Morinaga has won the hearts of parents the world over as a nutritious supplementation to their children's diets. Enriched with health-providing DHA + AA; GOS (probiotics), as well as Nucleotide (well-balanced 5 nucleotides), and a myriad of other nutrients, Chil-kid ensures that a growing body gets a good combination of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to develop and thrive.